BBC Radio 4 Archers Omnibus Service 2010

BBC Radio – The Archers Omnibus Podcast Catch Up Service

PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS SERVICE it has become very popular and some people have been downloading lots of podcasts which results in Dropbox closing down the site for a few days due to over use! If it happens too many time this service will be banned by Dropbox and that will be that! I am happy for you to download 1 or 2 episodes per week but don’t get greedy or you will spoil it for everyone else! Thanks.


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Kathy fights fire with fire, and Helen’s attempts fall flat with Annette….
Annette has a shocking secret, and Jazzer gets a glimmer of optimism….
Helen has a moral dilemma, and Jazzer hopes for great things from Fallon….
Times are tight for Eddie and Clarrie, and Annette makes a final decision….
Times are tough for Eddie and Clarrie, while Pip finds a handsome new distraction….


There’s a role reversal for Eddie and Will, while Annette packs up her troubles….
Tensions run high at Brookfield, and there’s sadness in store for Jill…. Phil Archer Dies
Ambridge mourns the loss of Phil, and Helen plans a new arrival at Bridge Farm….
Ambridge says goodbye to Phil, and Tony plays for time with Helen….


Ruth & David beat Pip at her own game & Helen hopes for a positive result at the Fertility Clinic….
The village graffiti artists are uncovered, and Kate’s return doesn’t quite go to plan….
Lilian finally learns the damage, while David and Elizabeth return to form….
Jazzer takes on a challenge, and Kate’s problems come to the fore….


Lilian and Paul have a capital time, and Vicky plays midwife at Grange Farm….
Pip grows up too fast for David, and the game is up for Lilian….
Harry turns Jazzer’s milk round sour, and Pip has an exercise in duplicity….
Pip plays a dangerous game, and Tony hopes Cupid will hit the mark at Bridge Farm….


Lilian shows she can keep a secret, and Helen takes some baby steps at Bridge Farm….
Oliver ensures that Joe pays his dues, and Jennifer finds Paul closer to home….
Jennifer suspects Paul’s motives, and Helen takes a significant baby step….
Brenda adjusts to a part-time relationship, and it’s home, sweet home, for Matt….
Matt has a lot he wants to say to Paul, and Pip makes a mistake….


Fallon has her hands full and Helen finds a confidante….
There’s an unexpected phone call at the Bull and Kenton’s loyalties are torn…. Sid Dies
Victory is sweet for Brian, while Pip has a surprise for Jude….
Everything’s changed for Fallon, and Pip drops a bombshell….


Jamie wants a little less conversation and Jolene has a lot on her mind….
Reality bites for Pip and Fallon calls in reinforcements….
Jamie’s feeling the pressure and Phoebe can’t believe her luck….
Jolene broadens her horizons and Joe engages in some private enterprise….


There are mysterious goings-on at the village fete and Kathy makes an unwelcome discovery….
Jamie stands his ground, and it’s Ambridge versus New Zealand at Brookfield….
There are tensions on Lakey Hill and news spreads fast in Ambridge….
Kenton makes a breakthrough and who is the mysterious visitor at Rickyard Cottage?….
Susan’s determined to impress and Elizabeth makes a confession….


Nigel comes to a decision and Robert exacts an ingenious revenge….
Matt sets the cat amongst the pigeons and there’s a new crisis for Kathy to handle….
Fallon’s friends rally round and Nigel and Kenton enjoy a riotous night out….
Kate lives up to expectations, and Kenton finds a new friend….


There’s an unpleasant encounter for Kenton, & Hayley’s blood is boiling at Phoebe’s latest news….
Things take a surprising turn for Jill and Jamie makes his presence felt….
Kate has thoughts of home and Vicky means business….
Things get heated at Grange Farm and Kenton thinks he’s blown it….
Harry’s new flatmate is causing problems and Lynda fights for her cause at the village hall….


Jolene shares her concerns and Lynda does some creative thinking….
Harry is pushed to the brink and Eddie plans a diversion……..
Lilian sticks her oar in and Pat’s anxieties increase….
Will’s on the warpath and Helen makes a confession….


Fallon and Harry get creative and there’s a nasty surprise at Brookfield….
There’s a staffing crisis at Bridge Farm and Kate has some upsetting news for Phoebe….
Nic keeps the peace and Helen is overloaded….
Helen struggles to forgive and forget, while Chris and Alice serve up a dose of Christmas spirit….